Terms and Conditions

  • Be at least 21 years old (See conditions for children under 21 years of age)
  • Identity Document, Passport or Alien Registration CardDriving
  • License valid for one year of issue
  • Credit Card Valid with a fund availability that allows you to make a reservation in local currency (Hold) according to model and category vehicle. The guarantee (Hold) is not charged to the Credit Card, the amount is consulted and authorized by the Issuing Bank.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement, those presented in www.cuzcorentacar.com and the specific ones of each promotion, if the case

Note: By disposition of Visa, Master Card, Diners, American Express and Discovery, a minimum amount of the total amount of the rent must be charged to the customer’s credit card for the purposes of Traffic Fines

Cuzco Rent a Car car rental service is exclusive for private use, not being authorized for public transport of people or merchandise. The customer is responsible for returning the vehicle in the same condition in which it was delivered

To guarantee the rental, Cuzco Rent a Car will contact the brand that backs the customer’s credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express or Discovery and will request the freezing of a fraction of your credit card line.

Once the Cuzco Rent a Car vehicle is returned, it immediately requests that you release the same brand of your credit card, the issuing bank of your card being the one in charge of processing the final transaction so that the guarantee amount is reflected in your account statement.

The release of the amount retained in your account will be reflected according to the response time of your bank, in a period of 24 to 48 hours normally.

Any inquiry about the release status of the guarantee can be consulted directly to your issuing bank. In case you require more explanation about this procedure, please contact us

Group Referential vehicle Minimum guarantee
A, M Kia Picanto, Hyundai I10 S/. 2,000
B, C, D, O, K Kia Rio, Toyota Yaris, Suzuki SX4, Nissan Versa S/. 3,000
G, G2, E, J Toyota Corolla, Kia Cerato, Suzuki APV, Suzuki Grand Vitara S/. 4,000
H, XA, XB, I, F, N Toyota Camry, Hyundai H1, Toyota Rav 4, Hyundai Santa Fe, Toyota Hilux S/. 5,000
L Toyota Prado Land Cruiser, Kia Sorento S/. 5,000

They can only drive:

  • The licensed client and his or her licensed spouse at no additional cost.
  • The owner of the card responsible for the contract (without a license) can delegate the driving to another person declaring it in the contract under his responsibility at no cost.
  • Additional must also have one year of issued driver’s license.
  • Additional driver declared part of the alternatives mentioned above has a cost of US $ 4.72 or S /. 15.81 per day, for each one.

Clients with Valid Credit Card, Identity Document, Driver’s License in force, under 21 years old with 18 years of age; they qualify with an additional US $ 23.60 or its equivalent in soles (S / .76) per day. Also, additional drivers with 18 years of age but less than 21 years old.

  • Make your reservations online with a minimum advance payment of 1 hour (this may vary depending on the season). However, if your reservation is made outside of office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 – 6:00 p.m., Saturdays from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.), even if the reservation is for an airport office, it may be that your vehicle is not ready on time. If you need the vehicle immediately, we suggest consulting directly with the rental office, to confirm availability.
  • During the most important holidays of the year (Easter, National Holidays, Christmas and New Year), it may be necessary for a customer service agent to confirm your reservation
  • Retire the vehicle at the time, place and form as agreed with the executive of Cuzco Rent a Car
  • If the client indicates his airline and flight number his reservation will remain valid in case of flight delay, upon arrival of the flight and before the flight. absence of the client, may be considered a “No Show”
  • Provide the executive of Cuzco Renta car all the data you request
  • The vehicles are quoted, reserved and controlled according to the category or group and not based on the brand, color or model . In some cases sub-groups have been created to facilitate the booking of a particular vehicle, these sub-groups form parts of the main Group (“Letter”) to which they belong, example: the “G2” sub group is part of the “G”
  • Group “If the client does not show up within 30 minutes of the pick-up time, it will be considered as” no call / no show “(” no notice / no show “) and the reservation may be canceled.
  • The prepayment of a reservation must be made 3 business days in advance
  • The name on the reservation must be the same as the name of the cardholder (user of the credit card with which the reservation is prepaid).
  • Only prepayments with credit cards are accepted, Pre-paid reservations with a debit card will be canceled and the prepaid amount will be exorcized, within the corresponding terms.
  • The payment of a reservation in cuzcorentacar.com is an online transaction in real time and the amount of the reservation will be charged immediately to your credit card when you confirm that you want to make the prepayment.
  • After the confirmation of the prepayment, the credit card with which the payment was made can not be changed.
  • The rate in cuzcorentacar.com is expressed in soles and in dollars being the collection made by Cuzco RAC EIRL in Soles (PEN); Currency conversion, if any, will be the responsibility of the issuing bank of the cardholder. There are no refunds for differences in the exchange rate.
  • All our offices accept prepaid reservations by cuzcorentacar.com; however, Cuzco rent a car reserves the right to temporarily suspend the online payment system for any office or not to enable it for a certain category of vehicle.
  • The prepaid reservation rate can not be combined with other promotions or benefits.
  • Cuzco Rent a Car reserves the right to cancel prepaid reservations, which due to an error in the system, do not reflect the correct calculation of the vehicle rate or the optional products selected.
  • You must present the same credit card with which you made the prepayment of the reservation, your DNI (Peruvian), Passport (foreigners) or Immigration Card (foreign residents) and your Driver’s License; All your documents must match the name of your prepaid reservation.
  • The same guarantee application process for non-prepaid reservations applies for prepaid reservations. Please see the conditions of Guarantee and the table of Amounts of Guarantee of the Terms and Conditions of Rental. Remember that the Guarantee Amount will not be available as a balance for your use. If you wish you can use a second credit card for the guarantee application.
  • Upon completion of your rental we will request the release of the guarantee, consider that it is your issuing bank that will process the release of the guarantee in their respective times.
  • For safety issues, if you do not comply with the Rental Requirements, it will not be possible to provide you with the reserved vehicle through the prepayment.
  • Before the date and time of picking up your prepaid reservation, the modifications to your reservation must be made in cuzcorentacar.com. Once the scheduled date and time for picking up the car have passed, all changes must be made at a Cuzco Rent a Car office.
  • Once the vehicle is picked up, any changes must be made to your rental office.
  • The prepayment method and the name on the reservation They can not be changed.
  • If your changes affect the total rental rate, the prepaid amount will not change: a) Outstanding payments will be paid at the Cuzco Rent a Car office at the time of vehicle pick-up; b) Refunds for overpayments, will be returned to the same credit card with which the reservation was prepaid in approximately 05 business days after the return of the rented vehicle. Keep in mind that your issuing bank may take a few extra days to reflect this operation on your credit card statement. The returns can not be returned in cash by the offices of Cuzco Rent a Car.
  • The availability of the vehicle is not guaranteed and it is not guaranteed that the prepaid daily rate will be maintained if you change the type of vehicle in your reservation, if you reduce or expand your vehicle. rent, if you change office or if you make any change that affects the vehicle rate. However, the prepaid daily rate will be maintained for other changes you decide to make not related to the vehicle’s rate, such as adding coverage or additional options.
  • If you pick up the prepaid vehicle, you decide to change the category of the vehicle, this change will be made considering the current daily rate
  • After the rental, if you decide to increase your rent and it is confirmed by a Cuzco Rent a Car executive, the same daily prepaid rate will be applied to the website for additional days
  • Your prepaid reservation has up to 60 minutes of tolerance so you can present yourself to take the vehicle, after this time, Cuzco Rent a Car is not responsible for the availability of the vehicle.
  • After these 60 minutes tolerance to pick up your prepaid reservation becomes considered as “No Show” (“customer did not show up to pick up the vehicle”); therefore, the conditions of cancellation of the reservation indicated in Cancel a Prepaid Reservation will apply

The rents originated in the airport offices, will have an additional charge of US $ 8 or S / .25

Coverages are additional. If the customer declines them, he will be responsible for the total value of the vehicle. The following conditions are indispensable so that the coverages have placer:

  1. Immediately report the accident to the Traffic Police
  2. Inform Cuzco Rent a Car immediately
  3. Present after the collision the Police Complaint, Ethical Dosa and Police Expert Report of Damage that does not show:
    1. Estado de ebriedad
    2. Speeding
    3. Collision against fixed objects
    4. Violation of the contract or any violation of traffic regulations or national laws.

By acquiring this coverage, you reduce your liability substantially in case of Damages caused by Collision or Total Theft of the Rendered Vehicle in Peru. You assume only the responsibility of the Deductible or Franchise (US $ 1,200 See deductible table); the excess will be covered by CUZCO RAC EIRL. If you decline our CDW Coverage, you will be responsible for the Total Damage Value up to the limit of the commercial value of the Rendered Vehicle that indicates your rental agreement.

The client, declared drivers and passengers (maximum occupancy limit as indicated on the Rstituted Vehicle property card) will be insured up to US $ 20,000 for death or permanent disability (according to scale) and up to US $ 4,000 for healing expenses, in case of Traffic accidents while inside the Rentado Vehicle

In the event that you and / or the declared drivers have Liability for Third Party Damage while driving the RCIA EIRL RENTED VEHICLE. will pay Third Party Damages as a Civil Liability against Third Parties up to US $ 50,000 and up to US $ 2,000 for Civil Liability vis-à-vis Occupants, maximum occupancy limit as indicated on the Vehicle’s ownership card.

By purchasing this coverage, you receive:

  • Collision CDW Coverage for Traffic Accidents with a Deductible US $ 1,200 100%
  • Protection in case of damage caused to the bodywork and / or coating of the Rent Vehicle as a result of small bumps and scratches caused by vandalism and / or bad faith by third parties
  • Protection in case of theft of emblems.
  • This coverage does not cover collision, collisions or traffic accidents against vehicles and / or fixed objects; likewise, it does not cover vehicle body and paint damages as a consequence of the driver’s negligence or bad faith, tire damage or punctures, glass breakage or theft, partial theft, towing or towing costs outside the CUZCO limit.

Some credit cards tell their customers to decline the protections offered in Cuzco Rent a car and use the protection they offer. We accept the Protection of your Credit Card, however you must have knowledge of: – Before starting your trip, contact your bank and request information about the coverage and operation and validity of your insurance. – In case of accident, damage or theft of the vehicle, the customer must pay Cuzco Rent a car all repair costs and expenses, is delivered to the client a copy of all the rental documentation, with which request the case the refund to your bank. – When you use the Protection of your Credit Card, or when the LDW or CDW protections are not taken, the withholding of US $ 1,430.00 will be made in the case of cars from economic to standard categories and US $ 2,500.00 in the case of category cars. Premium, SUV’s, Van and / or Pick-up truck categories, which will be processed on your credit card at the time you pick up the vehicle. – When using your credit card protection, our SLI protection is mandatory because credit card programs usually protect the vehicle, but DO NOT provide protection against third party damages as our protection does.

The customer will lose any type of protection or coverage that has been contracted and will be responsible for the total cost of the repair and / or replacement of the vehicle under the following conditions: – In case of not complying with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, example:

  • If the vehicle is misused or driven recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or drugs or does not inform Cuzco Rent a car within 02 hours of the accident, among others.)
  • If at the time of the accident the driver It is not the one agreed upon under the conditions of the contract.
  • Damage to the engine due to having made it work in unfit conditions of operation.
  • Damage to the engine due to ignoring warnings of malfunction or caution in the instrument panel of the vehicle (eg water, oil).
  • Driving the vehicle in conditions not suitable for its operation. – For driving the vehicle outside the Peruvian territory.
  • Damages caused by insurrection or rebellion, strikes, blockages of roads and demonstrations.
  • When the mask is excluded from the radio, documents and vehicle keys.
  • Damages caused to objects transported by the vehicle and / or damage that cause them
  • To drive the vehicle in a negligent or reckless manner such as: crossing unpaved roads, crossing rivers, lakes or other water areas in which the operation or integrity of the vehicle is endangered

Traffic fines generated during the rental time will be charged to the customer’s credit card

  • You can get faster to your destination, avoiding getting lost and managing your times better.
  • You can add points of interest and our Garmin GPS will help you get to your place.
  • The cost of daily GPS will be US $ 7.00 per day.

The safety of your children is the most important thing and Cuzco Rent a Car we know why we put at your disposal children’s chairs and buster to make your trip more pleasant and safe for the little ones. – The daily cost of the children’s chair is US $ 4.00 per day

Pre pay a fuel tank and do not worry about finding a fuel station before returning the vehicle, take our service and save time to enjoy more of your trip

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